Evarose – Invisible Monsters

Formed in 2010, Evarose are a four piece, female pop rock band from Oxfordshire. They are made up of Dannika, Imogen, Connie and Robyn. Invisible monsters is the bands debut album.

Stand out tracks include in your face album opener “Routes” and single “Glitch“, both of which provide us with grungy pop rock. “Provoke me” is sexy and catchy while “Telephonic” is perhaps the best song on the album, the chorus is so catchy that you will be singing it for months. Then “The cause and the cure” is slightly heavier. It provides us with yet more grungy pop rock. The album closer “Someone else to blame” finishes the album off with a more upbeat feel.

Evarose are an exciting, cleaner version of The Pretty Reckless and Hole. This is an incredible debut album that is full of catchy, pop rock tunes. The album demonstrates the talent these girls harbour, both lyrically and musically. They show that British rock is very much still alive. There is no doubt that Evarose have a bright future ahead of them.


Purchase Invisible Monsters https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/invisible-monsters/id1117168911


Clickable image is courtesy of pledge music

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