Vanity Draws Blood -Perspective/Dread EP

Vanity Draws Blood are a British metal band  who formed in 2012. They consist of double vocalists Kerrie Alexander and Ryan Stevens, Bass player Charles Jones, Drummer Elliot Plummer and Guitarists Luke Jervis and Elliot Ball. After the release of their debut EP, I Witness, in 2014, plus multiple support slots on tours with the likes of Upon a burning body and We came as Romans, Vanity Draws Blood have built up a pretty staggering fanbase. Perspective/Dread is the bands debut horror concept EP.

Opening track “Dread” is an atmospheric intro that is rather haunting. It then kicks into the heaviness of “Haunted”, before leading into “Possession”, which is perhaps one of the best songs on the EP. The added clean vocals makes the song all that much better. Leading into “Anxiety”, which is a fast paced collaboration with former Thy Art is Murder vocalist, CJ McMahon. The EP then finishes off with the hauntingly heavy “Exorcism”.

Overall, this is an absolutely amazing EP. Raucous guitars, deep vocals and the horror theme run thoughout the EP, both lyrically and musically. Vanity Draws Blood are a breath of fresh air. Despite their heaviness, Vanity Draws Blood are a very atmospheric band. The EP showcases the talent this six-piece harbours. They are going to go a long way.


The Perspective/Dread EP will be released on 15th July.  Pre order it:


Image courtesy of VDS

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