Crown the Empire – Retrograde

Crown the empire is a post hardcore, five piece band that formed in 2010 in Texas. The current members include guitarist Brandon Hoover, bassist Hayden tree, keyboardist/vocalist Andrew Velasquez, drummer Brent Taddie and vocalist/guitarist David Escamilla. After already having released and EP and two full length albums the band release Retrograde, their third full length.

The album opens with the instrumental “SK-68” before delving into “Are you coming with me?”. This track really sets the tone of the album. Then there are the singles “Zero” and “Weight of the world”. “Aftermath” shows the vocal abilities harboured by Velasquez and Escamilla, while “Hologram” gives us a slightly more pop punk feel and is one of the catchier songs on the album. “The fear is real” is another instrumental, similar to the opening tracks. Both of which show off the talent the band has musically. “Lucky us” is perhaps one of the heavier songs on the album. “Signs of life” begins with a slight change in tempo before kicking into a rapturous chorus. “Oxygen” is one of the slower songs on the album, you do spend most of the song wondering when it is going to kick in, that does eventually come towards the end of the song. The album finishes on a high with the infectious “Kaleidoscope”.

It is really difficult to choose stand out tracks on Retrograde.  As the album as a whole is a joy to listen to. Their mix of clean and unclean vocals proves to be a hit. While the band has undergone changes, they have stayed true to themselves. They have grown over the past few years and that is evident on Retrograde. It is good to have Crown the Empire back.


The band are currently touring America on the Vans Warped Tour, however, they will be touring the UK later on in the year alongside Of Mice and Men. For a full list of dates click on the link:

Purchase Retrograde here:

Image courtesy of Crown the Empire

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