Billy Talent – Afraid of Heights

Punk rock Giants, Billy Talent are back. Four years since their last album Dead Silence, the Canadian four piece punk outfit have just released their fifth album, Afraid of Heights and what an album it is.

Stand out tracks on Afraid of heights include the catchy opening track “Big Red Gun”, which touches upon the ever growing gun crime and mass shootings that occur on a daily basis. “Time bomb ticking away” is yet another catchy song. Then there is the more melodic musings of “Afraid of heights”. The albums leading single “Louder than the DJ” adds more catchiness. There is a change in tempo when it comes to the song “Rabbit down the hole”, which gives a more power balled feel before heading back to the pure punk of the highly political “This is our war”, which touches upon the divide that is seen in the world between its people.

Overall, the album is a classic Billy Talent album. They have not strayed far from their roots. Also known for the sometimes political lyrics, they do not disappoint on that at all with this album, from hitting on topics such as mass shootings to how the world has been divided and people wanting to fight to change it. In a world where everyone is afraid and offended by everything, it is nice to have a band who do not let that fear stop them touching on such topics.


Image courtesy of Billy Talent

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