Sinsaenum -Echoes of the Tortured

Sinsaenum are a extreme metal supergroup that formed in 2016. The band consists of Sean Zatorsky and Attila Csihar (vocals), Frédéric Leclercq (guitars, bass guitar, synthesizers, vocals), Stéphane Buriez (guitars), Heimoth (bass) and Joey Jordison (drums). After releasing an EP back in May, they finally released their 21 track debut album Echoes of the Tortured.

One thing with this debut, is that there are a lot of small instrumentals. They show the bands talents off. However, due to their previous work with the likes of Slipknot (Joey) and Dragonforce (Frederic), their talents were already evident but it is a way of appreciating the music and the pure talent these guys have, which is something that has been lost in the music industry over the past few years.

For the songs that are not instrumentals. They are all pretty straighforward death metal songs. Stand out tracks include “Splendor and agony” which really does set the tone for the album especially the non instrumental songs. “Inverted Cross” is your typical anti religion song. “Army of Chaos” is one of the catchier songs on the album. “Final Curse” gives a more creepier sound that is also accompanied by amazing guitar work.  “Condemed to Suffer” begins with  a change in tempo, slow to start before kicking back into the death metal musings. “The Forgotten One” is perhaps one of the more ferocious songs on the album. Then there is title track “Echoes of the Tortured” and album finisher, the cracking “Gods of Hell”.

Overall, for a band that was only put together this year and despite the fact they are well established musicians, you would expect a debut that has been put together so quickly to be rather scrappy. However, this is not the case. Echoes of the Tortured sounds just like every other death metal album, with its horrorish, anti religion lyrics, fast paced drumming and heavy guitars, accompanied by the deep growls of the vocalists, which it is, but listen closer and you can feel the passion and love these guys have for the music. It is something that is really lacking in the music industry these days. This is an outstanding debut album.


Image courtesy of Sinsaenum

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