Delain – Moonbathers

Delain are a six piece symphonic metal band who formed in 2006 and hail from the Netherlands. Made up of Charlotte Wessels (vocals), Martijn Westerholt (keys), Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije (bass), Ruben Israel (drums), Timo Somers (guitar) and
Merel Bechtold (guitar). Moonbathers is the bands fifth release.

kicking the album off is “Hands of gold” which really sets the tone of the album with its operatic style vocals and thundering guitars. “The glory and the scum”, “suckerpunch” and “Fire with fire” are the heavier, more catchy songs on the album. “Hurricane” has a slight change in tempo giving it a more power ballad feel while theres the hauntingly beautiful “Chrysalis” which really strips things back, showing the vocal abilities of Wessels. “Pendulum”, “Danse macabre” and“Scandal” are the more experimental songs with raucous, gang like vocals during the chorus. “Turn the lights out” takes us back to the more traditional sound of a symphonic gothic band. Then there is album closer “The Monarch”

If you love Nightwish and Within Temptation then you are going to love this. Delain are an absolute joy to listen to. The album showcases how talented the band are and how they have grow and developed over the years.  Overall, the album is an amazing collection of easy listening and beautifully written goth rock tunes.



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