Of Mice and Men -Cold World

Since the release of 2014’s Restoring Force, things have been some what eventful in the Of Mice and Men camp, between frontman Austin’s numerous surgeries, due to his Marfans Syndrome, to touring with the likes of Slipknot and Marilyn Manson. The band are now finally ready to release their fourth studio album, Cold World.

Opening track is the rather haunting “Game of War” before kicking into the raucous sounds of “The Lie” and “Like a Ghost”. Then there are “The Hunger” and the sad dwellings of “Down the Road”. “Relentless” and “Away” are perhaps two of the catchier songs on the album, perhaps even being two of the best songs. Also on the album you have the three very different already released songs of “Pain”, “Real” and “Contagious”. Then there are the two instrumentals “-“ and “+”, which gives well timed breaks. The album closes with the  passionately, positive “Transfigured”.

 Cold World is truly an outstanding album. While some of the songs are similar to that of previous albums, it is nice to hear Austin sing more. The way Austin and Aaron compliment each other and sing with joint passion is incredible and it can be felt through the way they sing the lyrics. Throughout the album you can feel all the emotions the band themselves were going through at the time. This truly is an amazing album. It is true Of Mice and Men. So good to have them back.


photo courtesy of Of Mice and Men

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