Primark Haul

You have probably heard people say or seen people write “I only went to Primark to get socks, but I came out with everything but the socks”, For anyone who shops at Primark knows how true this statement is and this was so true for me on Monday. I had only popped in to see if they had a long sleeve top in the coour I wanted, instead I came out with  two bag fulls of stuff except the item I originaly went in there for. Here are some of the items I picked up……


A few months ago I picked up my first pair of black high waisted jeans. I fell in love with them so when I saw they were still only £8 I decided to get a few more pairs. Usually I’m a black only kind of girl but the softness and fit of these jeans are perfect on me so I picked a pair up in blue and acid blue as well as my usual black  (the only downfall is they fade after a few washes).


I’m a sucker for graphic t shirts. I do not really do well with plain tops, to me they are too boring. Anyway, I picked up these four (as well as a The Secret Life of Pets t shirt that isnt pictured).Primark never disappoint when it comes to graphic t shirts.


So the first thing I notice upon entering my local Primark is the array of army inspired clothing they have. Secondly, I notice the amount of bomber jackets there are. As soon as I saw this one I knew I had to have it. It’s warm and fits just how I like them. Camouflage is one of the key pieces for the Autumn/Winter collections.


Aargh, STARS. Guys I absolutely love stars, they are so shiny and happy haha. You could imagine my joy when I saw these, especially the collared top as I had been looking for something like this for a while. Both of these tops are so cute.


I also picked up this little duo to try. As of yet I have not tried it. If Primark’s other beauty products are anything to go by then I have a high hope for this Gel nail colour.


We all know how terrible the paper bags are in the rain. So in order for me to carry my loot in a dry and safe way, I got this zip up Evil Queen shopping bag and it is absolutely huge.

Well that’s my first haul post (I would have done a youtube video but im rather camera shy). These are my favourite pieces Hope you like the post…..xx


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