Less than Jake @ 02 Academy, Bristol, 3/10/2016

Ska punk giants, Less than Jake, have returned to British shores. This time they are headlining the Fireball Fuelling the Fire tour 2016.

From the moment the confetti cannons went off Less than Jake are entertaining. Even introducing Evolution kid to dance with a member of the audience who had been invited up on stage, Evolution Kid then proceeded to TP the academy. The crowd absolutely loved it. The band themselves seemed to be having the time of their lives. They were energetic and charismatic from the start.

With a career spanning over 20 years, the band have a setlist including classics such as “Johnny Quest thinks we’re sellouts” and “All my friends are metalheads”. The crowd go wild for the likes of “Overrated (Everything is)” and “Look what happened”, but the band do provide the crowd with a newer track “Good Enough”, which also proves to be popular.

It is safe to say that Less than Jake really know how to have a good time. They brought an audience of all ages, from the old (there was an elderly lady with her daugher)  to the young (tween boys in the circle pit). There was a good old party atmosphere. Everyone in the room was having a great time and rocking out (the introduction of blow up Fireballs only seems to fuel the crowds energy). You can see why the band have lasted as long as they have.

Tonights support comes from AMFX, Kemuri, The Skints and Mariachi El Bronx plus throughout the night Matt Stocks provides the crowd with a DJ set inbetween bands.



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