Billy Talent @ Tramshed, Cardiff, 24/10/2016

Tonight the Tramshed in Cardiff is playing host to Canadian punk rockers, Billy Talent.

Kicking things off tonight, in this rather intimate venue, is Canadain rock trio, Say Yes.  The band are fairly unknown over here so it is not surprising that the crowd are noticeably quiet and somewhat unenthusiastic. However, towards the last two songs the crowd do seem to have livened up. The band themselves are having a blast and their talents and love for what they do clearly shines through. Their songs are catchy, both lyricaaly and musically. This run with Billy Talent has hopefully opened up a whole new audience for Say Yes.

Second on tonight is Brit favourites, Young Guns. Lead singer Gustav is energetic from the start. It seems a lot of the younger crowd actually specifically came to see these guys. The crowd really does liven up. In the space of 30 minutes the band managed to please new and old fans, with “There will be rain” from their Mirrors EP to the more recent “Bulletproof” from their latest release Echoes. Noticeably absent is crowd favourite, “Winter’s Kiss”, maybe the band have got sick of playing it, this absence is made up with the other crowd favourite “Bones”. Tonight was not their best performance but that was mainly due to being unable to hear the vocals, other than that they poured their heart and soul into tonight, and it really shone through with their great performance.

Now it is onto the headliners, Billy Talent.  Approaching the stage it is noted that the band have coloured coordinated rather well, with their black and red (frontman Ben currently being the excepting with a white waistcoat, something he later removes). The jump straight into fan favourite “Devil in a midnight mass”  the room erupts. Lead singer Ben, is like a little ball of energy bouncing around the stage and generally having the time of his life. With a room full of new and old fans, the setlist pleases all. The atmosphere is that of being one big party. The sound seems to have improved a lot. Towards the end there is an amusing “battle” between guitarist Ian and bassist Johnathan. Clearly showing that these guys still possess amazing talent. And in true punk fashion the band run 12 minutes over the curfew time, with an encore including the three well known and well loved songs of “Try Honesty”, “Fallen Leaves” and “Red Flag”.

Overall, tonight was in all an amazing night. All three bands were fantastic and everyone seemed to have a good time. Credit has to go to  replacement drummer, Jordan, for being absolutely outstanding tonight. Get well wishes go to Aaron.




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