My Ultimate Gig Guide Wish List

As with most music fans, I’ve been going to gigs since my early teens and have been able to see so many of the bands I enjoy. However, I’ve also on many occasions not been able to see bands I enjoy. In collaboration with Gettothefront Here are my top 13 bands I would love to see live.

The band that introduced me to the horror genre. The way they mixed the horror lyrics with the sleaze and have a DIY feel was, at the time, a breath of fresh air. As soon as I saw the video for “Dead in Hollywood” I was captivated. These guys really changed my life. As they were a side project they hardly toured over here but when they did life always seemed to get in the way so I never got the chance of seeing them live (however, years later I did get to see Wednesday 13). It would be nice if they reunited, but who knows.

2. Faster Pussycat
This LA sleaze band were a later discovery. They have been around for a good few decades and are still going strong today. They still have the dirty 80s feel to them. They are a fun, party band (that’s not to mention how talented their guitarist Ace Von Johnson is).

3. Creature feature
Continuing with the horror theme, here is a more recent discovery. Mixing creepy tunes with equally creepy lyrics, Creature Feature are amazing and fun to listen to.

4. The Haxans
The creation of Rob Zombie’s bassist Piggy D and New Years days Ash Costello. They give off a rather 80s vibe with the added spookiness. Having already seen Ash live during multiple New Years Days tour, I know these will not disappoint if and when they tour.

5. Hilary Duff
So I have been a huge Hilary Duff fan since I saw her in the teen spy movie “Agent Cody Banks”. I wouldn’t say she is my “guilty pleasure” as I am not ashamed to say I am a huge fan of her work. It would be great if she did an actual tour over here as I’m sure she has many British fans.

6. Social Distortion
Punk legends Social Distortion were introduced to me around the age of 14. They were really the gateway to me discovering the likes of other punk bands such as Bad Religion and Rancid.

7. Dope
I got into these after finding out Acey Slade (and the one he replaced in the Murderdolls) had previously been in this band. They really opened me up to the industrial genre. Similarly to Faster Pussycat, they give off that dirty, sexy, good time vibe.

8. AFI
Yet another one of my favourite punk bands who hardly ever tour over in the uk. “Girls not grey” was the song that introduced me to them. I loved the weirdness of the video and the darkness of frontman Davey Havok.

9. Old Wounds
These guys I discovered through someone I know. I will be honest and say when I first heard them I was not an instant fan. However, upon actually sitting down and listening to them and watching their performances at this years Warped Tour  on YouTube, they grew on me (plus their frontman seems crazy)

10. One Eyed Doll
These are a band I recently discovered as they were on tour with Wednesday 13 in the USA. It is always great to see and hear a female doing the whole horror thing.

11. Hollywood Vampires
A band with Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp in is worth going to see just for them. However, having seen Cooper at his own shows, I know you are guaranteed to have a fabulous time as he always puts on an amazing show.

12. The Pretty Reckless
The Pretty Reckless bring the 90s female grunge back to the forefront. Front woman Taylor Momsen is my generations Courtney Love and Debbie Harry. Their song “Miss Nothing” was the one that got me hooked.

13. Relapse Symphony
Another band I discovers though someone I know and again I was not an instant fan. It took me months until I fell in love with their music.

(please note all credit goes to the owners of each video)


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