Ice Nine Kills @ Thekla, Bristol 06/11/2016

After only giving their latest album, ‘Every Trick In The Book’ a UK release a few weeks ago, the Boston quartet have finally brought a tour, titled ‘The Hostel Takeover tour’ to UK shores (this is the first time the band have even toured the UK). Tonight the Thekla plays host to the bands fourth date of their tour.

As the lights go down and the intro begins, the crowd go wild. Kicking off with one of their more recent and well known songs, “Communion of the cursed”, the room erupts into a massive sing along and frontman, Spencer is energetic from the start. It is like this all through the night despite on occasion not being able to hear the vocals clearly. Spencer is very interactive with the crowd. They feed off of each other.

The setlist is mainly composed of songs from their latest two albums. However, they do add in “The greatest story ever told” from their 2010 release ‘Safe is just a shadow’. It really seems to be a set list that pleases all.

Tonights support came from young local band Vidorra, London based band Shields and the amazingly talented, Affiance.

Overall tonight was a great show. Despite the crowd being on the small side, those who did come along had a blast. Ice Nine Kills were absolutely incredible throughout the whole night. Hope to see them over here in the UK again.


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