Lacuna Coil @ The Marble Factory, Bristol, 10/11/2016

The one thing that is striking about The Marble Factory is that it looks old and rustic. Secondly, it is way out of the way from town or anything for that matter. Tonight though, it plays host to iconic Italian metal band, Lacuna Coil as they bring their Delirium World Tour to U.K. shores.

Kicking tonight off is the outstanding Italian death metal band, Genus ordinis dei. They are four extremely talented guys. The crowds reception of them is somewhat mundane at first but then they start to liven up.

Secondly, it is Denmark natives, Forever Still. The female fronted four piece simply blew the place apart. Not well known over here, so at first people were unsure but as soon as they started playing the crowd came alive. Frontwoman, Maja has an absolutely amazing voice and the band as a whole are incredibley talented and energetic.

Now it is Lacuna Coil time. As the five piece walk out onto the stage, dressed as though they are in an asylum, the crowd go absolutely wild.

With a career spanning 20 plus years, their set list is outstanding with songs such as “Heavens a lie” to the more recent “Delirium” and an amazing cover of the Depeche Mode song “Enjoy the silence”.

The three costume changes frontwoman, Cristina, does throughout the night, just adds to the feel of their performance. Also the camaraderie on stage shows that this is not just a band, it is a family. The vocals from both singers tonight is amazing.

All three bands were absolutely incredible tonight. The only downfall was that despite the show being sold out, there still seemed to be quiet a lot of space in the venue and the crowd felt tame considering it is a metal show (this maybe down to the older crowd) but other than that, so much fun was had by the bands and crowd.

  • Check out more photos from tonight over on my Facebook

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