Architects @ 02 Academy, Bristol, 17/11/2016

After a few traumatic months, nobody would have blamed Architects if they decided to cancel their tour. However, the band did decide to proceed with the tour and tonight it hits the 02 Academy in Bristol.

Opening act is American band Stick to your guns. They are fast, aggressive and political. Their punk influences are apparent throughout. They have fantastic stage presence.

Up next is Bury Tomorrow. Despite a small set, they do blow the place away. The crowd really get into it. As they are a more known band the whole room became one big sing a long especially during “Man on Fire”.

Then it is the band everyone has been waiting for. Architects are on fire from the start, and so are the crowd. The music is on point but it is the breaks where frontman, Sam, addresses the crowd.

From explaining about Sea shepherd, to sharing a story of his father help by a homeless man to and absolutely heartbreaking and emotional tribute to Tom. A tribute that silences the entire room and even has security applauding. They finished off with “Gone with the wind”, dedicating it to Tom.

Tonight has been fun but there has been a somewhat black cloud over it. It has been an emotional night. Overall, all three bands have been outstanding tonight and whatever Architects decide to do, they will always have the loyalty and love of the fans.



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