The Festive Feeling

Over the run up to Christmas I will be having four posts that have a Christmas theme.img_3781 Here is part 1 of 4.

Christmas is supposed to be a magical time. The streets begin to look like a winter wonderland (minus snow), people begin to put decorations up, children become excited to see Santa. However, for me the lead up to Christmas is a dark time (maybe one day I’ll tell you all about it). It has been that way for nearly 4 years.

Now I know what your thinking, that this post is going to be sad and depressing. Well  it is not. For the first time in nearly 4 years the Christmas spirit seems to have slightly re appeared in me.

The beginning of November is when cities and villages begin their Christmas lights switch ons, they have their Christmas markets and winter wonderland opens. The shops begin to put up decorations. Everything is so pretty and shiny. The Christmas tunes start to echo out from the shops and throughout the Christmas markets. The smell of roasted chestnuts is strong.

The past few years I’ve jusimg_3753t not been bothered or felt remotely festive. However, I recently took a trip to Bristol and it was so astonishing. The Christmas market was in full swing. There were all sorts of stalls from cupcakes to hand crafted jewellery. Seeing the little wooden huts decorated in red and gold. The Christmas lights and decorations throughout town where so beautiful.Then there was seeing people buy gifts for their loved ones. Oh and not to forget that the red cups in Starbucks are back and their Hot Fudge Chocolate is enough to put anyone in a festive mood.

Seeng all this I have really started to feel festive. This is the first time I am excited. After everything that went on around Christmas I honestly never thought I would feel festive again or even look forward to Christmas. But seeing these sites and then coming home and seeing Cardiff’s decorations, their tiny Christmas market and the reindeer outside the castle really did make me feel all warm and fuzzy. It is like I have rediscovered my love for Christmas and life.

Check back next week for the second installment where I will be discussing my Christmas Playlist.



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