Get the look: My Rocky Horror look

Hey guys!



On the weekend I went to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The New Theatre in Cardiff. It was my second time seeing the show as I saw it the last time it was in Cardiff. The Show was absolutely incredible and so so sexy. Last time I didnt dress up but this time  though I decided to. I chose Magenta because she looks trashy, but I added my own spin on the Character.

Check out my look below and see what I used to achieve this.



MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal Pallette (Exact), MUA Pro-Base Primer (Similar), Laval White Foundation (Exact), Stargazer Pressed Powder in White (Exact),George at Asda Glamour eyes black eyeliner (Similar), MUA Matte eyeshadows in Black (Exact), Make up Gallery Kohl Me pencil eyeliner in black (Exact), Wet and Wild H20 Mascara in Black (Exact), Laura Paige lipstick in Morocco (Exact).

I highly recommend that you go and see this play at least once, even if you are not a fan of the film, you wont be disappointed.


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