Memphis May Fire @ The Asylum, Birmingham, 5/12/16

The Rise Up Tour hits Birmingham tonight. The Asylum, which is known for its ridiculous curfew time and lack of facilities (although now there is a cafe joined to it), plays host to the sixth date of the UK leg of the tour.

Kicking things off tonight are Like Moths to Flames. There really is not many people here to watch them, this may be down to the early stage time. However, those who are there are very much enjoying the bands set. They provide the crowd with a handful of new and old songs.

Then it is onto the first of the three main headliners. The Devil wears prada have one crazy ass lead singer. The crowd go absolutely wild for them. The lead singer even jumps into the crowd and starts moshing with the audience. Their song “Daughter” is absolutely amazing live. Towards the end of their set the lead singer and guitarist both decide to jump into the crowd. They finish the set there.

Up next is Silverstein. It seems as if the majority of the crowd came to see these guys. They gave an energetic performance throughout their reduced set. They included songs “Ghost” and after the crowd chants, they finished off with fan favourite “My Heroine”. They were on top form, but it is a shame their set was slightly cut due to the time constraint.

It is finally time for the main Headliners, Memphis May Fire. A lot of people seemed to disappear after Silverstein, but despite the crowd still being on the sparse side, the ones who are there really get into it. They had a setlist that would please all fans. They played older songs such as “The Decieved” and “Stay the course” was absolutely amazing to the more recent of “Sever the ties”.

The show tonight was amazing. All the bands were on top form and everyone seemed to have a good time. The only downfall was the lack of audience and at times it felt rather rushed due to the time issue. But overall tonight was one non stop party.

Check out the full set of photos see below:

Like Moths to Flames

The Devil Wears Prada


Memphis May Fire


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