Christmas Queens @ Tramshed, Cardiff, 8th December 2016

The stars from Ru Paul’s All Star Drag Race are finally back in the UK. After starting in Glasgow, Scotland five days ago, the girls finish off their christmas tour here in the welsh capital.

There is a lively atmosphere at the packed out Tramshed. The audience are both young and old but surprisngly there does seem to be a lack of drag queens amongst the audience. Although many have gotten into the christmas spirit by donning their Christmas jumpers, t shirts, hats and reindeer ears, oh and there is the occassional elf.

After waiting for what feels like forever, the introduction video begins to play. Once it has finished the girls, along with Michelle Visage, enter in cute Mrs Claus outfits to sing “We wish you a merry Christmas”. Upon finishing the song, Michelle, who looks absolutely stunning, gives a small speech about equality, which of course ends to a rapturous applause.

Now it is time for the girls to do their thing. Each girl gives at least two performances. Manila Luzon looks like an absolutely immaculate snow queen in her gold, cream and white outfit. Singing “Slay bells” and then later on dueting as an elf with Alaska.

Current All Stars winner, Alaska, looks like a sexy Barbie doll in her skimpy Mrs Claus outfit and then her fuscia, figure hugging dress. Singing “Christmas Sux” and “Everyday is Christmas”, she is clearly a fan favourite, maybe even more so when a “Donald Trump” appears on stage, she rips his head off, making the crowd break out into cheers and applause.

Katya is  accompanied by four male dancer, all of which are in ballet clothing. She is rather interactive and funny with the audience. Her first performance is entertaining, especially her interpretation of “12 days of Christmas”. However, when she appears later on as Trish to sing “Merry Christmas, it’s whateva”, the performance gets a little dull.

Detox’s replacement, Ginger Minj is so adorable. The curvacous gem looks ever so angelic in her first performance and then looks like a beautiful farmers wife in her second performance when she sang “Down Home Country Christmas”. Her performances are very animated and funny.

Phi Phi is probably one of the least liked queens from the show, but there was no denying that her performances tonight were incredible. First off she looked like  poison ivy when she sang “Fireside” and she had the whole room moving when she sang “Naughty or Nice”. Her performances where definatley one of the surprises of the night.

There was also an elf duet with Alaska and Manila, swopping roles, they both wore elf outfits to sing “Working Holiday”. It was the funniest performance of the night. In between some of the performances, Michelle would come out and speak to the crowd. She also did a little game with two VIP members, Manila and Ginger. She also gave an absolutely stunning performance of “O holy night”. Everyone became speechless. Not only did she look amazing, she also sounded amazing. The room filled with phone lights and lighters being waved in the air.

Overall, everyone did a fantastic job. They all sounded incredible and looked even more incredible. The only downfall was that the show felt as if it ended far too quickly and it maybe could have been a bit more adult but it left you wanting more. It was a fun night where everyone could be themselves without feeling as though they were being judged.

Check out some of the photos from the show in Cardiff  below

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 (all photos taken on an iPhone)



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