AFI- AFI (The Blood Album)

It has been four years since punk rock outfit AFI last released any new material. AFI (The Blood Album) is the bands tenth release. The band are back with a vengeance.

While the album stays true to their sound, some of the more killer tracks include the fast aced “Still a Stranger”. “Get Hurt” sounds more like Sing the Sorrow AFI while “Above the Bridge” is  a song you will be singing long after you have listened to it.  “So beneath you” is the catchy anthem of the album while “Dumb Kids” is perhaps the most punk rock song on the album. “The wind that carries me away” is the final track on the album and probably the most surprise with regards to how it sounds. It is more diverse than the other songs on the album. Then there are the singles “Snow Cats” and “White Offerings” which are two great representatives of what the album is about.

AFI are an incredible band, and the fact they are still around after all these years is amazing. However, this album is nothing new. It is kind of repetitive of previous albums, but, it does show that the band are staying true to themselves, which in this day and age can be rare as it is so easy to change to ‘fit in’. While it does show some progression, its really is typical AFI. It will no doubt please many long term fans.  There is also no denying that these guys still have a drive and passion for what they do and stand for.



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