Avenged Sevenfold in Cardiff, 19/01/17

It has been a very long time since Avenged Sevenfold hit Cardiff. So you can understand the crazy excitement of fans as they walk into this sold out show. Tonight Motorpoint arena plays host to show number 7, and the smallest, of the UK leg of The Stage World Tour, even the backstage area is rather cramped.

Tonight I had the amazing opportunity to view the show from the side of the stage. I have been a fan since the early days and have seen then on numerous occasions. Every time it has been so surreal. Whether it is balcony view, standing or stage side, I am always in awe. They are just so incredible live.

Tonight, is no exception. As soon as the lights go down and the intro starts playing across the screens, the room explodes. From the start, their interaction with the crowd in front of them and those behind them is something that is not seen that often at arena shows. However, they do this on a regular basis and it is something else that makes them stand apart from other big metal bands.

Their set list tonight has not differentiated at all. It is a set list that has been put together to please all fans, regardless as to when they first heard an Avenged Sevenfold song. Although, they could have added one of the slower songs such as “So Far Away” or “Seize the day”, but the instrumental of “Warmenss of the soul” has been so beautifully executed throughout the tour, again tonight was no exception, the crowd even filled in on the singing, which just added to how incredible the song is. It is safe to say that Brooks is an outstanding drummer and he plays all the songs perfectly. Shadows, as usual, is his energetic, charismatic self. He uses the stage well. The one noticeable change tonight is the position of the space skeleton. Usually he appears behind the cube but due to the smallness of the venue, he is placed at the back, opposite the stage, where he gets inflated later on.

They constantly joke about with each other on stage and at one point tonight Vengeance got the case of the giggles. Shadows brought a crowd member named James up on stage to sing some vocals for “Nightmare”, with Gates joking that he was better than Vengeance. Before the encore, Shadows even appears with a large Welsh Flag wrapped around him before he passes it to an audience member and jumping into “Bat Country“. There is also a shout out to the late Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, just before they play “A little piece of heaven”.

Tonight has definitely been one for the books. Birmingham and Cardiff have no doubt been the best so far (will not be able to judge London as I will not be attending, but London is usually great). Avenged Sevenfold NEVER disappoint. They are also so considerate of their fans, taking their time to shake hands with the VIP’s and hand out guitar picks, drum sticks and set lists with the audience. Everyone was so nice and pleasant to be around, from the technicians to the band themselves to their security, (minus a few venue security issues, they really need to start communicating with each other haha). It was such a wonderful, surreal experience. My love and admiration for these guys grows more and more every time I see them. As I stated in my review of their Glasgow show, Avenged Sevenfold are a MUST see band.

Check out some footage & photos below


*Apologise for the constant use of watermarks. I have tried my best to make sure they do not ruin the pictures.

*The copyright of images on this page belongs to Jolene Hughes. If you wish to use these in publications, do contact me or ascribe credit to myself. Thank you.



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