January Sales Haul Part 2

Here is part 2 of my January Sales haul posts. All these items were picked up during a mini break to Scotland and Birmingham.


While in Glasgow, I stumbled upon the shop, Pulp and saw that they were having a massive sale. Both of these dresses are by Fearless Illustration and can be found also in Blue Banana, anyway, the cat head dress I had been wanting for ages but it was always full price (£37.99), when I saw it in Pulp it was marked down to £29.99, even though it was not reduced by much I decided to get it. However, when I got to paying for it, turns out it was reduced again to £15. After this I went back and got the other Fearless Illustration dress, which again was originally £27.99 but reduced to £22.99. Again, however, when I got to paying for it, it was further reduced to £11. You can imagine my joy at getting two dresses for under £30, especially as they are the styles I absolutely adore.


As you all may know, I am a huge Star Wars fan but surprisingly I did not own a Kylo Ren top. This is another Pulp in Glasgow purchase. As soon as I saw it I had to have it and at only £5, I could not resist.


No shopping trip is complete without picking something Disney related. I had been eyeing this sweater for some time but for some reason I never picked it up. I saw it was half price in Primark Glasgow so I thought “What the hell” and bought it.

I have been a fan of PINK for a good few years but always had difficulty in obtaining anything. Most of the time the clothes were bought online from America. Only last year Victoria’s Secret opened in Cardiff (I have yet to visit). I only recently realised there is a store in Birmingham, so as I had a few hours before my bus home, I went and had a look around. I find I always have to buy the clothes in a Small, otherwise they are way too big (Although this top is a Medium as I wanted it to be loose). I’m not a huge fan of Sports trousers but I find PINK ones to be rather comfy and they always look good. Both of these were on the sales rack, the t shirt was my biggest saving, originally marked at £26.00 but reduced to £20.00. As with the dresses, when I went to pay, it was further reduced to £18. So I was rather happy.


A quick look in the Disney store in Birmingham, resulted in me picking up these wedge trainers that are based on the Descendants movie. They are so cute and I was really surprised they had my size in them.

img_2030Now back to Star Wars. This Kylo Ren figure was picked up in the Disney store for a tiny £5, while the Stormtrooper cushion was picked up in The Entertainer for £5 and it looks super awesome with my Darth Vader bedding.

So that is it for the January Sales. Hope you have enjoyed these posts x.


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