January Books

This month I decided to dedicate my reading to Ebooks. Here is what I have been reading…

At the beginning of January I decided to try out Kindle Unlimited for 30 days. At first glance there really was not much I fancied. A few pages in I noticed this little box set called “Witches of Hemlock” by Kennedy Chase so I thought I would give them a go.

The books are great. They are small (roughly 250 pages each). They revolve around a former detective, Grace and how she, alongside her two familiars of whom she has psychic connections with, help solve murder cases with the local police department.

After enjoying the box set, I borrowed book 4 and 5 from kindle unlimited. Both of these books carried on with the previous books theme. I thoroughly enjoyed them and would recommend them to anyone who wants a nice easy read. I found myself wanting to read more and more. These have given me a nice, decent start to this years Goodreads challenge. I also hope more gets released. I will be checking out her other mystery series.



I fell in love with Ben and Rachel when I read “You had me at hello”, so when a friend tweeted that McFarlane had released a short story showing what happened after the original book ended, I downloaded it straight away and read it within a day.

While reading this I fell in love Ben and Rachel all over again. It is such a well written short story that does not feel rushed, like some do, and it does not end abruptly like a few other short stories I have read. The only issue I had with this book, is that it is too short. I wanted to find out what else happened to Ben and Rachel.

McFarlane is an absolutely amazing writer. Her books are always so joyous to read. She is definitely one of my favourite authors.





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