Trivium @ 02 Institute, Birmingham, 14/02/17

Love is in the air, in a very metal way. There is clearly many people who have decided to spend Valentine’s Day at the 02 Institute with American metal quintet, Trivium, as they embark on the UK leg of their European tour.

As the stage goes into total darkness, Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” blasts out and before Trivium have even come on, the crowd are on fire. There is not a single person in the room that is not singing along, there is even the odd “Trivium, Trivium” shouts. From the moment the band step onto the stage, the crowd are ecstatic. The energy Trivium possess is outstanding, as soon as they step foot on the stage they are non stop, using up all the stage. The crowd are absolutely loving them and the band clearly feed off of this.

The set list contains a mix old songs such as “Pillars of Serpents”, “A Gunshot to the head of Trepidation” and “The Deceived, and newer songs such as “Silence in the Snow” and “Until the world goes cold”, while also playing fan favourites “Down from the sky” and “In Waves”. The occasional solo’s from Matt and Corey are the highlights of the night. The newest member of the band, drummer Alex is on top form throughout.

For many tonight was their first ever Trivium show and for some others it was their 54th show (pointed out by Matt), but regardless of what number people are on, everyone had an incredible night. There is no doubt these guys could have played at a bigger venue but tonight, there was a much more intimate feel to the show.

Support came from Shvpes and Sikth, both of whom were equally amazing.

Check out photos from the gig here or over for the full collection check out Facebook



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