Threatpoint – RIP

Threatpoint are an American four-piece, metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania who formed in 2012. Threatpoint are made up of vocalist Chris James, drummer, C J Krukowski, guitarist, Alex Olivetti and bassist, Matthew Van Fleet.

They have already released two full length albums, 2013’s Dead to Rise and 2014’s offering, Careful What you wish for. They have also released an acoustic album Road Less Travelled. RIP is the bands latest offering.

Kicking things off is the ferocious title track “R.I.P”, which gives you a great taste of what to expect from the rest of the album.  Other stand out tracks include “Tombstones of my enemies“, following on with its groove based chorus. “Light bleeds through the black” is one of the creepier songs on the album with a mix of mellow clean vocals and fiery unclean vocals. While “Bury the wicked” is one of the catchier songs on the album.  “Angels with Broken Wings” which features vocals from DramaScream vocalist, Lauren Balogh is perhaps one of the best songs on the album. The mixture of vocals works well and brings the song to life.

This is one outstanding album. There are fast raucous guitars, killer drums and intense vocals to match throughout the album. You have to wonder why these guys are not touring the world. You can just visualise the crowd going insane to these songs. Threatpoint are incredible. They are a heavier  version of Lordi.  “R.I.P” is 48 minutes of pure joy.


For more information about Threatpoint, check out their Facebook and Official Website



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