Davey Suicide – Made from Fire

Davey Suicide returns. It is safe to say that after a few “issues” it was unknown as to when Mr Suicide and Co would be releasing any new material. Well, despite the odds, three years after the release of the incredible “Worldwide Suicide” and after a year of countless obstacles, Davey Suicide is back with an outstanding new album, “Made from Fire”, which was released in March 2017

Stand out tracks include, “Rise Above” which is one kick ass song and a fantastic opening track, with a message suggesting a “fuck you” to those who tried to stop Suicide doing what he loves, it is a song that a lot of people can relate to. “No Angel” is another incredible song, it is more vocally melodic. Then it is onto the more industrial soundings of “Too many freaks” which features Twiztid, the collaboration actually works really well and is a fun song. “Anti-system Revolution” is one hell of a catchy song. Another collaborate song is “Paralyzed” which features William Control. This is another vocally melodic, beautifully crafted song and is one of the best songs on the album.  Title track “Made from fire” is another stand out track, it is one of the more passionate sounding tracks on the album, not to mentions it is highly catchy. The album finishes off with the hauntingly beautiful, “End of War”.

In all, Suicide has not differed in his sound at all. He is staying true to him and his sound. There are some incredible songs on “Made from Fire”. The craftsmanship of this album is outstanding and the pain Suicide has felt is clearly shown throughout the album. From all angles, this album was just fantastic. It is definitely an album you must listen to.


“Made from Fire” is OUT NOW

Check out Davey Suicide


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