My Birthday Box Unboxed


I asked those around me to put together a birthday box. Here is what was inside:

The first item I noticed was this Elvira Pop figure. I have been a huge, huge, fan of Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) since I saw her movie, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, when I was around 11 or 12 years old. I love the way she does drag and I the fact that it is a woman doing drag, shows that it can be for everyone. I personally think she is the best horror lady around.


Next up is the French Connection lip kit and the Victoria’s Secret lip glosses and body mist. Now, I have never tried either of these before. I am looking forward to trying them out in the coming months.

I am always in need of new make up brushes because I have either broken them or I have lost them. The bristles on these Pretty Pink Make Up brushes are so soft considering they are synthetic. I mean you would expect synthetic bristles to be rough but it is nice to see that they are putting more care into beauty products. It is also nice to see that no animal has died or been hurt in order for these brushes to be made.


As you all know, or at least you should now by now, I am a huge wearer of leggings. I love plain and patterned, I just find them extremely comfortable and easy to wear. I had a few pairs of Goldigga jeans for Christmas and they are seriously the best fitting jeans I have ever put on, hopefully these Goldigga leggings will be the same. Plus they also have a leopard print pattern, so that is a bonus.


I am also a huge book worm, and the late Carrie Fisher is one of my favourite authors as well as being one of my all time favourite actresses. Delusions of Grandma, was one of the books I was struggling to get. I now have all her books and so cannot wait to delve into this one.


I used to use Bed Head Colour Goddess shampoo and conditioner but not only were they pricey, they would also strip my hair colour. I had heard so much about Aussie Colour Mate, that I bought it from our local Wilko and after one wash I was hooked. Not only does it smell amazing, it also makes my hair all soft and manageable, plus it does not strip the colour from my hair.


The final items in the box were two t shirts, one featuring my favourite Drag Queen, Alaska and secondly, a distressed t shirt from Rat Baby featuring Wednesday Addams.

I’m a huge Monster High fan and have a variety of the dolls on my cupboard. These two are my 13th and 14th doll. I absolutely love them and the singing Ari is brilliant.

Now, this item was too large to fit into the birthday box, but, it does come in a basket. I have been using Simple Products since is discovered the world of facial care. They are the only products that really agree with my skin. They are so gentle and my face feels amazing after use.



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