Interview with Amycanbe

Amycanbe are an alternative band from Italy. They originally formed as a two-piece in 2002 but then formed as a four-piece in 2005. The band is made up of vocalist Francesca, guitarist/bassist/keys, Mattia, keys, Marco and keys, Matta. Their album Wolf is their latest release. I recently caught up with them for a chat.

How did you guys all meet, and what made you form a band?

Me and Marco started playing together because I was looking for bandmates and never had an original project before he was playing in a Hard-Core-Nu-metal with a classmate of mine and this guy had the brilliant idea to introduce us…and we started a very tweed project, with no vocals, we just enjoyed making music…until we met Francesca, then our view changed and step by step, after few line-up changes we grown-up…y’know….

For those that don’t know your band, how would you describe your band?

4 very different people with a common goal: having fun when we play… we learned to co-exist not without difficulties during there years… but what we do is what we like.

Musically we are mixing electronic and rock instruments, exchanging roles during our shows, just to create the (almost) perfect mix in our sound.

Any band you would like to tour with (that you haven’t already toured with)?

Too many to list here, eheh… I’d really like to share a tour with Radiohead, maybe too much??!?

Can we expect a headline tour in the near future?

We really hope so and trying to let it happen so hard!

You recently released the video for the single “Grano”, what is the song about?

The last video was for the song Grano. I really like this “short film” that a friend named Seth Morley made for us, it is obscure and mysterious with a lot of symbology. He worked on his own ideas and showed the final result. I find it brilliant.

Another video I like is I Pay, for the first single out of WOLF. Marco got this brave idea of filming people kissing very close. It was fun because we started asking people to kiss. brothers and sisters, parents… friends, but we did not have enough, so we went out in the streets asking (unknown) people being filmed while they were French-kissing… a lot of them thought it was a joke, but someone cleverly took the opportunity to get a kiss …

I don’t know exactly what the song is about, …Francesca mostly writes from what she reads in books or magazine and from stories people tell her… lyrics are sort of watercolours in her hands, even though it feels like there is a lot of “courage” and “pride” in the lyrics of our last album WOLF.
What was the hardest track for you to write, and why?

There are no songs hard to write actually… rather we could deal with hard songs to record… because when you hit the studio ideas are not always clear, so you have to choose ONE only way you want things done and I am not very good about deciding… I think I’ll buy Brian Eno’s ‘Oblique Strategies’.

What is your favourite track on the album and why?

My favourite song is White Slide… because it is hypnotic and I had to scratch my head when we recorded it and arranged the live version (that is totally different from the album version).

How do you think your fans will react to WOLF?

Regarding WOLF album, I am sure old fans will like it as a whole… ad I hope some new listener will like it as well… it is a bit unusual compared to what we released before…above all in the use of the voice more “choral” … there are electronic tracks and rock/pop songs with a bit of dirtiness.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

All four of us listen to a lot of different music and we love to share the listening often with disastrous results!     We have definitely widened up our music and art culture playing and spending time together. There’s so many bands and sound which influenced us over the years that it would be constraining writing here few names! But… as I like giving names and numbers… I’d say (for my personal taste): Ennio Morricone, Radiohead, Divine Comedy, Beatles, Stereolab, The Brian Jonestown Massacre…

Have you always wanted to create music?

I started playing when I was 14… it was not an aware choice I suppose indeed. I quit Conservatory of Music after a while (I studied flute) just to buy a bass after 1 year or so…from then I never stopped playing and changing (i.e. BUYING) instruments.

If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing?

I’ve always wanted to draw comics, never trusted this truly however, but I’m still young… I could be the next Alan Moore, who knows…in the meantime I will let my beard and hair grow, just in case….
What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

We are writing new material and widening our music collaborations, planning summer shows.

A cool thing is some months ago we started collaborating with an Italian fashion brand called Ottod’Ame, we have been writing some music for them, which is a change for us, we love to share and mix arts together music, photography, filming, and fashion as well…we find it funny and inspiring…and we are also making soundtracks for TV series and independent Films…we really like to differentiate the way our music is “used”. Another thing is the goal to play more and more live, not only in Italy…we’ll see!!

You can follow Amycanbe on Facebook and Twitter. Check out their awesome music video for “Grano” below.




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