Motionless In White – Graveyard Shift

Goth rockers, Motionless In White, are one of those bands that seem to get bigger and bigger with every album they release. After the success of “Reincarnate” the band are back with yet another killer album, their fourth release “Graveyard Shift” .

Kicking the album off is the bands latest release, the superb “Rats”. It is a dark, catchy and at times disturbing song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Queen for Queen” and “Voices” are the most catchy songs on the album, while “Necessary Evil” which features Korn’s Johnathan Davis gives us some quirkiness and is probably the most stand out track on the album. “Soft” and “Untouchable” shows yet again how amazing Chris’s vocal abilities are. There is then the familiar sound of Reincarnate with “Not my type: Dead as fuck 2”. The album then takes you back to old school Motionless in White with “The Ladder”, while “Hourglass” is perhaps one of the less stand out songs. Then there are the singles “Loud (fuck it), “570” and album closer “Eternally yours”.

Motionless In White are one of those bands that have so far failed to put out a terrible record. They are evolving and unlike some bands who’s music drastically differs, Motionless In White have not strayed too far from what they know but have moved far enough to be different and more mature. They do it well and they are “what you see is what you get” kind of band.

Throughout the album you can feel the camaraderie these guys have. They work well together and keep producing some fantastic music. With any Motionless In White album, you are also guaranteed to be able to relate to at least three songs on the album, but to keep you interested, they add the odd horror based song. It shows that not all their lyrics are serious. “Graveyard Shift” is truly a great record.


“Graveyard Shift” is now available.




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