Paramore-After Laughter

It is safe to say that Paramore have grown up, leading to a somewhat drastic change in music style. We first got a taste of their new eclectic style with their previous self titled album “Paramore”. Now just over four years on the trio are back with yet more quirkiness with their fifth studio album “After Laughter”.

Stand out tracks include the first single, “Hard Times” which dives straight into the sound where “Still into you” left us. “Rose-colored boy” is a throwback eighties song with eighties pop vibes. Then there is “Fake Happy” which shows that Paramore have not changed their sound completely, while “26” tones things down to a beautifully sung acoustic song. “Grudges” is an upbeat number. “Caught in the middle” has a ska kind of feel and is one of the more catchy songs on the album. “No Friend” is a song that will make you go WTF but surprisingly the album finishes on a top note with “Tell me how”.

After multiple line up changes and multiple dramas within the camp, it is great to see the band somewhat survive after all these years and still put out great records, also Hayley Williams is still as feisty as ever. “After Laughter” is a more chilled out, eighties pop vibe album and while the album deals with some serious issues, it is fun record.



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