Crow Country Outlaw Interview

Do not let their name fool you, Crow Country Outlaw are no country band. They formed in 2013 and soon began to tour outside their native Sweden. The band are made up of  Sebastian, Mattias, Adam & Putte and they combine Hard rock and Punk with elements of blues and of course country. I recently caught up with them for a chat.

How did you guys all meet, and what made you form a band?

Sebastian and Mattias are brothers. Adam and Mattias went to school together and formed a band long before Crow. Poods was drafted by Sebastian after Mattias brought him up as a potential lead guitarist, still Adam and Mattias has known Poods for about a year or so prior to that.

We formed this band from a concept that Sebastian had been working on for about a year before we even set foot in the rehearsal. We all love playing music and we work pretty well together.

For those that don’t know your band, how would you describe your band?

We are a hardrock band with a substantial amount of energy and an even more amount of ambition. We are a combination of The Stooges, Guns N’ Roses and Johnny Cash, if he had played drop D tuning and electrified his acoustic guitar.

Any band you would like to tour with (that you haven’t already toured with)?

That’s a tough question, but some bands that would be fun to tour with are Grand Theft Culture, Black Stone Cherry and The Cruel Intentions.

Can we expect a headline tour in the near future?

Of course!

You recently released the video for the single Break Through The Wall. What is the song about?

Break Through The Wall is a punk song with a message about solidarity and a direct aim at some of the problems that are currently in focus today such as mass-media manipulation, social network harassment and lack of care towards human beings.

You are set to release your new album. What was the hardest track for you to write, and why?

Yes, we are planning a upcoming album this year but we are not going to stress it. The hardest track must have been a song called Black Mass. That song contains so many elements that can be interpreted wrong and for it to be received as properly as it should be then we need it to really fit in with what we want it to represent, and that has been quite the challenge.

What is your favourite track on the upcoming album and why?

We have got a song called Nails For The Hollow which is kind of spot on. Because it is a great rock song that just fell into place and is really fun to play.

How do you think your fans will react to your upcoming album?

We hope they will love it as much as we do.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

That’s everything ranging from Beyoncé to Kiss. We are not picky.

Have you always wanted to create music?

No not really, Before this we all had different career plans in our childhood years. Palaeontologist, pro-hockey player, movie director and ornithologist to mention a few.

If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing?

Sebastian would be working harder on his studies, Adam would also be focusing on his studies and his bartending job, Mattias would be a Lindy-hop instructor and Poods would work as a sales rep for a major design or music company. Maybe travel a little.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

We are heading into the studio sometime during this year to work on our upcoming album, and we are also doing a tour abroad (secret for now) and then we will fill our year with some minor shows around Sweden. We are going to make this year our most productive to date!

Keep up to date with the guys over on Twitter and Facebook.


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