Papa Roach-Crooked Teeth

Everyone’s favourite Californian rockers, Papa Roach, are back with yet another killer album, “Crooked Teeth” being their ninth offering.

While the album packs a punch, the stand out tracks include “American Dreams” which could be likened to being the more political and modern equivalent of  “Broken Home”, it is also perhaps the best song on the album. Again, “Born for greatness” is another throwback to the early Papa Roach days with it’s heavy, rap induced vibes. There is also “Periscope” featuring the incredible vocals of  Skylar Grey. It is one of the slower songs that pulls on the heart strings. Shaddix and Grey make a good vocal pairing. Title track and leading single, “Crooked Teeth” is a fast paced anthem that is sure to get the crowd moving while the second single, “Help”,  offers us more melodic vocals, similar to that of “Scars”,  but “Traumatic” is raucous.   The album finishes on a high with the kick ass “None of the above”.

Every band goes through changes and Papa Roach have certainly done that with their last few albums, however, they have taken us right back to where is all began. Crooked Teeth is one rollercoaster album. With the infectious vocals and rapping of Shaddix, the top notch playing and as expected there is no holds barred lyrics, from heartbreak to the state of the world, Papa Roach have you covered. “Crooked Teeth” is an album that is packed with pure rock and roll tunes.



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