Iron Maiden at Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham, 21/05/2017

British metal giants, Iron Maiden, have brought their “Book of Souls” tour to the home of British metal. Birmingham has a rich history when it comes to British metal, it did spawn the likes of Black Sabbath. Iron Maiden are one of the most iconic bands, so there is no surprise that many hours before the doors to the arena opens, there is just a stream of Iron Maiden t shirts everywhere you look.

Kicking things off tonight is the American rock band, Shinedown. Forget what you have heard on record, these guys absolutely blew up when they hit the stage for the 55 minute set which featured well known songs such as “Devour”, “Second Chance” and “Sound of Madness”. The crowd seemed to love it and there was a rather touching moment when the whole arena fell sient for a minute silence in honour of the late Chris Cornell.

After a twenty minute interval, it was time to welcome Iron Maiden. Kicking things off with “If eternity should fall”, they are energetic from the start, despite their ages, they are all happy enough running around the stage.

They also played “The Trooper” which saw Bruce wave the iconic tattered Union Jack Flag, and a comicl moment came  during “Death or Glory” when frontman Bruce Dickinson came out wearing a monkey mask and a monkey around his neck. This was one of the songs that got everyone involved doing the monkey claw. Then there was the appearence of Eddie during “Book of Souls” and Satan himself made an appearence during the encore.

Iron Maiden are old hands at this but they still give it their all. It was a trip down memory lane for many of the attendees there tonight, although, the crowd of a mixture of ages but also a mixture of nationalities as people as far away as Cuba when in attendence tonight. Even if you are not a huge fan of Iron Maiden, they are one of those must see bands.

*Do not use photo without permission


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