Fero Lux Interview

Fero Lux are a post hardcore band from Florida. I recently caught up with Guitarist, Dave.

How did you guys all meet, and what made you form a band?

We all met through the local scene. None of us were friends prior to that. I met Vic probably 9 years ago, Ben 7 years ago and Sean 3 years ago. Ben ,Vic and I have Ben in the band from the beginning pretty much. That’s when we made a blood oath to drink squeezed ham when the truth unfolds about our glorious cat nip machine. 

For those that don’t know your band, how would you describe your band? 
Problematic and hated by those who dangle the dreams of bands in their faces only to kill their momentum while doing coke in LA. Also… Mathcore mixed with some grunge here and there. For fans of botch, tdep, breather resist, atdi , glassjaw and poison the well. Probably more but… ya know. 

Any band you would like to tour with (that you haven’t already toured with)? 

Yeah, 68′ , glassjaw , botch ( we know ) , converge (will never happen, we aren’t scary enough , among other things we lack in) , Deftones , daughters , every time I die and lots of others. 

Can we expect a headline tour in the near future?

 I wouldn’t. Disappointment sucks. I would expect breakfast at 6pm with some tea and a warm blanket. Served in bed of course with numerous hiking boots glued to my dad’s shitty wind Mill. Renegade jazz. 

You recently released a new music video, what is the song about?  

Double ghost. Compassion. Sizzle

You are set to release your new record, what was the hardest track for you to write, and why?
 We have 7 new songs. There are still numerous titles in the hat right now. It’s going to be a huge disappointment for anyone that thought we were a flute quartet. Very grungy . The most difficult song has yet to be written. I’ll be purposely trying to write something that makes me want to dip my glutes in mustard and then a fire ant pile. Why you ask? Because that’s the way zeus made me. Hail Zeus!

What is your favourite track on the new record and why?

So far it’s the one that goes dunna dunna dat dada chug chug. It’s pretty rad as you can imagine. That’s actually the tabs for it. Please don’t steal it. My fav right now is this 1.5 min long spazzy thing. I hope everyone does squats in unison to its tune.

How do you think your fans will react to the new album? 

I think they’ll love it. We will be very rich. It’s actually going to hurt. Money changes people. And I already feel different just thinking about all the money we are going to make on this album. I just bought a car based on the credit of the album. See?

Who are your biggest musical influences? 

Everyone that was at Trump’s inauguration. Even Trump. We owe our whole non-career to him and his disgusting puny hands. 

Have you always wanted to create music? 

Yes. Do you own a cat? Cause I do. 3 of them. 
If you werent in a band, what would you be doing? 

What I do when I’m not executing band duties. Work 
What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

Put out an album. Spread awareness about civil rights and liberties. Smash every stage we possibly can. 


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