Manic Panic Dreamtone Foundation Review

I’m not a huge wearer of foundation but on the occassion I do wear it, I used to Laval White Foundation and instead of looking all white and dead, I ended up looking all sparkly vampire, Edward Cullen style. While it was great for Halloween, it was not so great for everyday wear.

After googling and youtubing various foundation reviews, Manic Panic Virgin seemed to be one of the popular and affordable options. I decided to order myself some.

The first thing I noticed about the foundation was that it was also a colour corrector. The super cool thing about this foundation is that it comes with a little pump so you do not over use the product.

Upon applying the product, I noticed it gives excellent coverage and it is not as greasy as some other white foundation brands. It also blends in very well. The size is super cute and is easy to pack to take away on holidays etc.

The only downfall with this product are that if you want the really, really white look then you have to apply a few layers.

I would absolutely recommend this foundation. It has been the best foundation I have used in a very, very long time.

Rating: 4.5/5

You can purchase the foundation here


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