Stone Sour- Hydrograd


As is the case of the past few years, Corey Taylor takes time away from Slipknot to focus on Stone Sour. After hitting the scene in 2002 the band have just gone from strength to strength, even seeing a few line up changes over the past few years. They are now back with yet another killer album, “Hydrograd” is the bands sixth studio album and first without Jim Root.

Some of the stand out tracks include the catchy as hell “knievel has landed”. Then it is onto title track “Hydrograd”, which happens to be one of the best tracks on the album, both musically and lyrically. While singles, “Song 3” and “Fabuless” are perfect representations of the album.  Things take a dramatic turn with the slowness and beauty of “St Marie”, which shows off Taylor’s melodic vocals beautifully. Latest release, “Mercy” packs a good punch.  “Friday Knights” is another one of those songs with a melodic verse but a catchy as hell chorus. The album finishes off with the incredibly calm “When the fever broke”.

Stone Sour are clearly back with a vengeance. The album is full of angsty lyrics with beautiful written melodies. Taylor’s vocals are perfect throughout. This is a true rock record.


You can catch Stone Sour on tour later on in the year, check out their tour dates and VIP packages on their official website


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