June Books

So due to moving at the end of May and spending the majority of June getting the house sorted, I neglected my reading and only managed to read two books.


The single girls to-do list by Lindsey Kelk

I will admit, I do own a few books by Kelk but have yet to read them. I decided to read as a sort of introduction to her work and I am so glad I chose this. I loved this book and the main character, Rachel, is an absolute hoot.

While the book is comical at times it also shows the joys of friendship and ultimatley girl power and independence. The chapters were longish but not too long that they felt as if they were being dragged out. It was a nice, pleasent read and a must for any Lindsey Kelk fan.


Best things in life Walk on by by Stacey Soloman

Ok, so this was more than likely ghost written by someone else or heavily edited by someone else and the thought of a reality TV star like Soloman writing a book is comical to an extenet and I will admit I put this book off for so long simply because I thought it would be a joke book. However, I was wrong.

The story has a sort of Hannah Montana feel but with more adult themes. It is a typical poor famous girl story that on occassion shows the darkside of fame but it is an enjoyable, funny book. Its less than 250 pages long so it can be a nice easy read.




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