Dear Reflection: I Never Meant to be a Rebel by Jessica Bell Review

Jessica Bell is an Australian writer/singer who know resides in Athens. She is also the daughter of Ape the Cry and Hard Candy founders Erika Bach and Demetri Vlass. Jessica is probably best know for her novels “String Bridge” and “Bitter Like Orange Peel” as well as being the singer for the ambient pop band, Keep Shelley in Athens. 

So with two rock and roll parents, Jessica could not rebel in the stereotypical fashion, how was she supposed to rebel against her parents?. Dear Reflection: I Never Meant to be a Rebel, explains this with wit.

Dear Reflection: I Never Meant to be a Rebel is a very relatable, coming of age book. Even though her parents were rockstars, anyone can relate to how she felt growing up.  The book gives you a dark but clear explanation of how those with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety feel. She openly talks about the journey teenagers go through in trying to find their own identity, one that is away from their family and more so their parents. The way in which Jessica writes helps you to connect to her and understand what she went through. You know your not alone despite feeling it. She shows how easy it is to slip into the trappings of trying to numb yourself with alcohol and how you can become addicted to other drugs, such as love.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was always more intriguing reading the songs or poems that Jessica had wrote in her adolescent years. Dear Reflection: I Never Meant to be a Rebel is such a wonderful memoir. It takes you through so many emotions, from despair, anger, love and so on. You also feel a sense of hope, that no matter what things can always change. This is a fantastic book and a book  that so many will be able to identify with.




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