Linkin Park @ Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham, 07/07/2017

Linkin Park are finally back on UK shores with their One More Light Tour. Tonight they hit packed out Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham. As there is no support, tonight fans are treated to a two hour long show of pure Linkin Park tunes.

They get off to a rather slow start and things do not really kick in until they hit song number 4, “Wastelands”, it is only now the crowd seem to have livened up. Chester is non stop throughout, running and bounding down the tiny ramp. He interacts well with the crowd.

While there are quite a few new songs, they do also include some of the classics such as “One Step Closer”, “In the end” and “Faint” amongst others. These are the songs that the crowd 100 per cent get fired up for. However, despite being two of the slower songs of the night, “Invisible” and the acoustic “Sharp Edges” were both sung beautifully. There was however a rather sombre moment when “One More Light” was dedicated to the victims of the Manchester Arena Bombing and the whole arena erupted into applause.

You would have to be a die hard fan to fully enjoy tonight. Their light show was kick ass but on occasion it felt more like a dance club than a rock show, especially during “Castle of Glass”. Overall and no matter what you think of the way in which they have taken their music, there is no denying that Linkin Park are an incredible live band.



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