A year blogging

So, Babydolls and Razorblades is a year old today and what a year it has been.

I used to write for another online blog (I won’t name them) but due to many factors (mainly there attitude) and with the encouragment of many of my followers I left. In short I was not happy so I left.

I was slightly nervous at first as I was not sure if anyone would read what I was putting but I amso happy to have taken the plunge. Looking back now it was the best descision I had made. I only started this blog in order for me to pace myself and write about things that I like and enjoy. To not only talk about music but to also talk about the clothes and beauty products that I find at affordable prices. I wanted something to show me for me. That was when Babydolls and Razorblades was born.

Since the day I published my first article on here, Babydolls and Razorblades has just kept on growing. It has given me a lot more opportunities, more than I could have ever wished for and I have met some amazing people through it. I absolutely love this blog and am ever so grateful for those who read it and also check out the accompanying videos over on YouTube.

I hope in the coming months and years that both the blog and YouTube channel keep on growing. I have many things planned for the coming months and I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer.

Thank you xxx


If you are not happy in something, wether its a relationship or job then don’t suffer, leave and go and do something that makes YOU happy, life if meant to be for living not wasting away at something that makes you miserable 🙂


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