American Standards – Anti-Melody

American Standards are a four piece, hardcore punk outfit from Arizona. The band is made up of vocalist, Brandon Kellum, guitarist, Corey Skowronski, bassist, Steven Mandell and drummer,  Mitch Hosier. They recently released their fourth album Anti-Melody.

The album kicks off with the singles “Writers block party” and “Carpe Diem, Tomorrow”.  They are both in your face, kick ass punk songs, that set the tone for the rest of the album.  “Churchburner” with it’s clean and unclean vocals makes this on exciting song. Things change a bit with “Bartenders without wings” as it slows things down a notch but has amazing gang vocals. It is then back to the faspace of “Danger Music #9” and “Cancer Eater” before powering themselves through the incredible “Broken Culture”. The album finishes on a a high with “Chicago Overcoat”.

Anti-Melody is a fast paced, in your face, pure hardcore punk rock record. It holds nothing back. You realise that through their lyrics the world is a pretty shitty place. American Standards are a fantastic harcore punk band and a well needed band. Simply fantastic. 



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