Friendsfest 2017

Three years after it made its UK debut in London, Friendsfest has embarked on its first UK tour throughout the summer of 2017. From the 21st-30th July, it has taken up residency on Blackweir Field in Bute Park, Cardiff.

Right, before we even get to the event itself, one thing that was highly noticeab;e was the lack of signage to say where exactly the event it. Unless, of course, you know Bute Park like the back of your hand, then you will get lost and have to trek the 30 minute walk from the train station.

Anyway, the event itself, was so much fun and do not worry if you have missed your tour time slot, they put you in a late queue and allow you in with the later tours, so you can still enjoy the memorabilia, Joey’s apartment and Monica’s apartment.

There is plenty to do and see there. The gigantic TV screen will keep you amussed for many hours but they do stop it from time to time to more crowd orientated things. There of course, is plenty to eat and drink there, including Monica’s Moondance diner, My Sandwich trailer, The Chick and The Duck, and not forgetting Central Perk but watch out for those prices. You can jump into Phoebe’s taxi or take a ride in the cop car. Relive the 1988 High School Prom or go and get married in Las Vegas. Then perhaps you can go and laze about on the sofa with your red,yellow or blue umberella and finish things off with a quick trip around the shop.

The location could have been closer to the centre, and maybe better sing posted. It is rather small and can be rather expensive, but it is a must for any friends fan, young or old. Disabled access is good, but be aware that some places are narrow and have a slight step. Besides these, Friendsfest is a fab day out for all ages. It really is what you make of it.

Check out the video below


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