July Books

This month I really caught up with my reading. Here is what I read during July:


Dear Reflection: I never meant to be a rebel by Jessica Bell
First up was this memoir by Australian author, Jessica Bell. Not my usualy read but this was such a fantastic, coming of age read that is highly relatable. It delves into her childhood and growing up with rockstar parents. You can check out my full review here.


Dead Rich by Lousie Fennell

This book sounded like a typical rich person book but it has a darker tale. A tale that I found kind of reminded me of some of the greats who have passed away such as Michael Jackson.

The book itself is rather captivating from the start and while it does have many of the cliches of high society, it is a rather dark and witty tale. I enjoyed this book so much I finished it within 3 days and it left a lasting impression on me.


The Melody Lingers on by Mary-Higgins Clark

By far one of my favourite crime authors. Mary-Higgins Clark never fails to impress me with her work. However, this book was kind of a let down. The story it self is not as captivating as her others and it was easy to make out the outcome by about a quarter in, this really is not one of her best works.


The Dress by Sophie Nicholls

A recent Poundland purchase and after my last purchases from there, I really was not expecting much despite the story sounding rather promising.

The book itself is part of a further collection and is fantastic for the first book. Its a magical experience to say the least. It is such a sweet story of mother and daughter. It’s a great book for teens and adults.


Unforgivable by Collette Elliot

This is the harrowing tale of the suffering Collette endeared at the hands of the two people who are supposed to care and protect her, her parents.

This is such a heartbreaking tale of how she was let down by so many agencies and even her family, it also tells how she has overcome so much and is determined to be a fantastic mum to her daughters. I could not put this book down, it was an overwhelming read.


On the street where you live by Mary-higgins Clark

The second book I have read this month by Clark. This is a story of how history can repeat itself and unlike the previous book I read, this was thrilling. I could not put this one down



The ebook I read this month was:

Malevolent (Shaye Archer #1) by Jana Deleon

I have had this book saved in my kindle for a good few months now, and this month i finally decided to give it a go. It is safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was captivating from the opening lines.





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