Review:Big Welsh Bite

Every summer, for one weekend in Augst, the small town of Pontypridd, South Wales, hosts a food festival that showcases the talents of many local folk. You will also find cooking demonstrations, information stalls and displays. This event has been going on for many years and can attract up to 15,000 visitors over the weekend and in typical Welsh fashion, what started off as a nice sunny day soon turned into a wash out, but thankfully that did not put people off attending the Saturday.

There is something for all the family to enjoy, from local produce to a wellbeing marquee and craft stalls, theres a childrens funfair and a petting zoo, where the children can hold some of the animals. There is also an events arena where today they have BMX stunts, and the children can watch and take part in the Duck Driving (which today saw the ducks escape), Falconry and Llama Racing.

You can smell the food, even before you hit the tents. There is a mix of everything, from cakes and pastries to burgers and noodles and even sweets. There is something there for everyone to enjoy, there are also plenty of vendors for you to have a quick snack or to just enjoy a cup of tea.

The craft stalls are perhaps the only let down, simply because there is not many of them, but this does seem to have been compensated by the enormous wellbeing tent. It is a fabulous part. There is plenty of information with regards to mental illness, cancer, general health and you can even be tested to see what blood type you are. There are also plenty of activities surround these stalls for the children to get involved.  The council are also on hand to give out information about services and recycling.

Come rain or shine The Big Welsh Bite is a fantastic day out for the whole family.

Check out the photos here




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