Crypitus Interview

I recently caught up with Vermont natives, Crypitus.

1. How did you guys all meet, and what made you form a band?

Zach: Doug and Pete were already a band-ish. I was desperately searching the internet for musicians to play music with and Pete was the first to respond with Doug in tow.

Pete: Doug and I knew each other for a while but didn’t start jamming till we were roommates for a bit. We needed a good drummer so I contacted Zach, who I knew through friends. Doug had a number of songs already written so we started there.

Joe: My friend introduced me to the band and they were looking for a bassist.

Doug: I met Pete back when I use to be a drum tech for a local psychedelic rock band. We ended up being roommates and he picked up on a few of my riffs that I used to play with my old drummer. He caught on pretty fast then we needed to find a drummer. Zach was an online accident and it worked out perfectly. We’ve been trying to find a permanent bassists for a while and recently Joe stepped in.

2. For those that don’t know your band, how would you describe your band?

Zach: Psychedelic thrash with clowning around. Really in your face energy too. We try to make our music memorable.

Pete: We move around a lot on stage and bang our heads constantly. Our music is a fusion of psychedelic thrash and groovy death metal.

Joe: Thrash metal.

Doug: Its a crispy mix of Blackened thrashy death metal topped with jazz and rock and whatever. It’s good I promise.

3. Any band you would like to tour with (that you haven’t already toured with)?

Zach: I’d really like to tour with Chronologist, Epicenter too. They’re both incredible!

Pete: Epicenter from New Hampshire would be cool. Or Night Rite from New York City.

Joe: Chronologist was pretty cool.

Doug: I’m dying to destroy the east coast with Beneath the Machine.

4. Can we expect a headline tour in the near future?

Zach: Maybe not this year coming, but it won’t be long.

Pete: Not just yet, but we’ve headlined quite a few shows at this point. A tour wouldn’t be far off.

Doug: Expect whatever you want!

5. You are set to release your new demo…… what was the hardest track for you to write, and why?

Zach: Thunder, for sure. That song always pushes me to my physical limit.

Joe: I haven’t really wrote much with them yet but I think thunder was one of the harder ones to learn.

Doug: Looking back on it, well I’ve had 6 years to work on some of these songs but its been a very organic process.

6. What is your favourite track on the demo and why?

Zach: Probably Thunder again. Its got a lot of powerful groove to it.

Pete: Thunder is my favorite. Every riff in that song will tear your face clean off.

Joe: Breakdown because it’s fun to play!

Doug: Tundra definitely hits home for me.

7. How do you think your fans will react to “Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World”?

Zach: I think they will say “It’s about fucking time!”

Pete: We already have some many people looking forward to our demo. They’re gonna love it.

Joe: I hope they enjoy it.

Doug: I hope it’s everything they wanted it to be.

8. Who are your biggest musical influences?

Zach: Blake Richardson from Between the Buried and Me is my all time favorite drummer. I’m also a big fan of Terry Bozzio with Frank Zappa, and Mike Portnoy.

Pete: Plini, Sithu Aye, Alexi Laiho, Brent Hinds, Aaron Marshall.

Joe: Metallica, System of a down, Primus.

Doug: Two of my biggest influences are Megadeth and Death. Such great songs.

9. Have you always wanted to create music?

Zach: Oh yes! Since I can remember anyway. I had a drum set made of pots and pans and phone books when I was like 4. I had a top of the line air guitar too!

Pete: Ever since I was a little kid playing around on a keyboard I’ve wanted to make music.

Joe: Yea pretty much since middle school.

Doug: Ever since I was able to play music I wanted to create, I remember fantasizing about being in a band when I was young too.

10. If you werent in a band, what would you be doing?

Zach: Probably fishing.

Pete: Still playing guitar. That’s what I did before Crypitus.

Joe: I probably wouldn’t be doing much except getting drunk!

Doug: Shit, I dunno, I’d be three hundred miles into the woods exploring.

11. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Zach: We have like a dozen more shows through November then I am gonna rest for the winter. I have some growing to do.

Pete: We have some shows lined up for October and November. Our demo will be out next month or so. Plus some new songs we’ve been working on will probably debut live.

Joe: Work on getting better and play some shows.

Doug: Couple more shows and the demo release is all we have left for this year so come get it while you can!

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