Cruelty Free Skin Care Haul

As a vegetarian of 17 years (I won’t call myself a vegan as I still occasionally eat dairy), a few months back I was shocked to find out that my favourite hair and skin products are STILL tested on animals, of course as soon as I found this out I binned the products and went on the hunt for cruelty-free ones.

The majority of these products are on the expensive side and while I would normally not bat an eyelid at these prices, I am currently on a strict budget, so I turned to the supermarkets and high street. I tried a few products but they all seemed to be making my skin worse, so on the off chance I bought some of Asda’s The Skin System products.

I remember using Asda skin care when I first started getting into the whole beauty world, but as my family were not regular shoppers there, I switched to a brand that you can get anywhere (although at the time I was unaware they were tested on animals), anyway, I have now switched back to the Asda products because, not only are they cruelty-free, they are also affordable (they each cost £2) and make my skin feel incredible. Below are the items I picked up:



I also picked up Primark PS….Love your skin Gentle facial cleansing wipes as they are £1 for 2 and are also cruelty-free along with the whole beauty range from Primark.



I have also switched my shampoo and conditioner to cruelty-free, as the product I was using, its parent company still tests on animals. Below is the shampoo and conditioner I picked up (it smells amazing and are only 80p each):



It is 2017, we have robots, surely we can be more ethical when it comes to testing products. No animals need to be harmed, I mean, why would you want to harm an animal, they are amazing creatures that deserve respect, just like we do. They are not ours to use and abuse. Human beings do not realise how lucky we are to have animals.

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