Crypitus- Exhibit 1: Prelude To The Dead World

American Trio, Crypitus formed in 2015 and then re vamped in 2016. They have recently released a 3 track EP, “Exhibit 1: Prelude To The Dead World”.

The EP has the epic sounds of “Tundra”, with it’s clean and unclean vocals, it is a stand out track. “Breakdown” is the opening track and sets a good example of what Crypitus are about which is pure heavy metal. The EP finishes with the incredibly thrash soundings of “Thunder” with its outstanding solo.

“Exhibit 1: Prelude To The Dead World” makes you excited to hear more from the trio. It is full of growls and heavy riffs, with the added solos. It has a rather haunting, viking feel to it with the unclean vocals. The guitars give it a classic sounding thrash metal feel.  It is a fantastic EP and the only downfall really is that there are only 3 songs.


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