Purest of Pain – Solipsis

Purest of pain are an exciting new band that hail from the Netherlands. The band consists of J.D. Kaye (Vocals), Merel Bechtold (Guitars), Michael van Eck (Guitars), Frank van Leeuwen (Bass) and Joey de Boer (Drums). The band released their debut EP in 2011 and are now set to release their debut studio album,Solipsis“. 

Stand out tracks include “Truth seekers” which is nonstop brutality from the beginning to end. “Vessels” has a few melodic parts that give the track more depth before kicking into the anthem like“Crown of worms“. Then there is the single, “Momentum” which truly represents the album where as “Trial_Error” is perhaps the catchiest track on the lbum with its ferocious drumming. “Noctambulist” is dark and heavy. Finally, the title track, “The Solipsist” opens with a cracking guitar melody.

This is an a 14 track album full of nonstop heavy metal with clean and unclean vocals. The guitar work is absolutely outstanding. This album is a must for any fan of  European metal, in fact it is a must for all metal fans.


Solipsis is out 1st March

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