We have the moon – Till the morning comes

We have the moon are a four piece metalcore band from Italy. The band consists of Makkuro (vocals), Corey (bass), Morse (guitar) and Gedd (drums). Since the release of their EP Scream and Dance in 2015, the band went on to tour Europe and have gone from strength to strength. Till the morning comes is the bands latest release.

The stand out tracks on the album include title track . “Till the morning comes”. Then there is fan favourite and lead single, “Killer party” while “The score 0-3” and “Unreasonable” are perhaps the two most catchiest songs on the album.Then there is “Lovely Lights” which will have you singing long after the song has finished.

This is an eleven track party album. Their mixing of rock and electronic is done very well. The album feels like one long ass party and is an ideal record for fans of Aasking Alexandria and Enter Shikari. Listening to the album you just know the live shows are going to be killer. Overall, this is simply a fantastic album through and through.


Till the Morning comes is out 23rd February.



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