Sleep in Heads – On the Air

Sleep in Heads are a five peice, progressive metal band from the Ukraine. They are made up of Sonya (Vocal), Serj (Guitar), Roman (Drums), Fann (Bass) and Natalia (Violin).. They are named after their vocalist who’s name, which when it is loosely translated, means “sleepyhead”. On the Air is the bands debut full length.

The album opens up with the beautiful soundings of “Pacifying”, a track that vocally, really sets the tone of the album. It then kicks into the heavier soundings of “Vagrant” before kicking into “Deceiver”. Then it is onto the two catchiest tracks on the album “Time Like the sand” and “Blue Fear” before finishing off with the beautiful “Secret Shelter”

This is a beautiful but groovy sounding album with outstanding vocals. It is a must listen to for any metal fan. You are guaranteed that when listening to this album you will be transported to another mystical world.


On the Air is out March 1st




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