Crossing Eternity – The Rising World.

Crossing Eternity are a Romanian/Swedish symphonic power metal/rock trio. They consists of Berti Barbera (Lead Vocal/percussion instruments), Manu Savu (Guitar/ Bass/ Keyboards) and Uffe Tillman (Drums / Percussion). The Rising World is the bands latest release.

Stand out tracks include opening track “Crossing Eternity” and is a wonderful introduction to the album. Some other stand out tracks include, “Sand in the sky”, “High above the crown” and “Journey to the end of dreams” which ups the tempo ever so slightly and is perhaps one of the heaviset songs on the album. “Haunted” happily speeds things up. The abum finished off on a high with “War of Gods”.

The Rising World is one catchy as hell of an album with it’s melodic vocals and kick ass guitars, this is one must listen to album.


The Rising World in out June 15th.

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